Calendar Museum

As I mentioned in my introductory post, I’d like to throughly document all the calendars I’ve accumulated over the years (part of the “Novelty” aspect of this blog) to share them with the world. Some are neat, some more ordinary, but they’re part of our lives for an entire year (and may give us some insight into who we were at the time), so I figured I’d like to remember them, in this ever growing page. Enjoy!


Maxim Mini Wall Calendar

Front Cover

Model: Roberta Long

Model: Erin McKinnon

Model: Jaime Paetz

Model: Nicki Kretchmer

Model: Erin McKinnon

Model: Kenda Rae Perez

Model: Leticia Cline

Model: Nicki Kretchmer

Model: Jody Palmer

Model: Sharae Spears

Model: Gillian LeBrun

Model: Juda Jennings

Back Cover

RR’s Entertainment & Novelty Corner

Hello to all who may be reading, I’m “RR”, and after a long while have decided to start this blog. This won’t be the most intellectual or world changing blog, not by a long shot, but I figured I’d share my personal passions with the world (whatever television programming I may be hooked on at the time, video games I may be playing, and other subjects that may interest me, including the bizarre urge to document all the calendars I’ve accumulated over the years…), and I hope to maybe start discussions with similar like minded people out there.

I know this isn’t the longest introductory post ever typed, but it’ll do, thanks for reading, and I hope to see you back!